Relationship with other aspects of Formation

Intellectual Formation at the Scots College is something that informs the Spiritual life of the seminarian, helps to provide the basis from which Pastoral action proceeds and makes up part of his Human growth.

Academic Studies

Over a period of at least seven years, seminarians are given the opportunity to study Philosophy and Theology as well as the possibility of specialising in one of a number of disciplines. Seminarians attend either the Pontifical Gregorian University or the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum). The former is a Jesuit university, and the latter is Dominican. More information can be found here:


Cloister at the 'Angelicum'

Cloister at the ‘Angelicum’ University

Philosophical Studies

The first two years are devoted to the study of Philosophy. This provides seminarians with more than just a basis for the study of Theology; it serves as an introduction to the vocabulary needed to dialogue with the modern world. It leads to a deeper understanding of the human person, and encourages a first critical examination of man’s deepest questions about himself and his relationship with the world, leading ultimately to questions about his relationship with God.


Greg Uni

The Pontifical Gregorian University


Theological Studies

Two years of philosophical studies are followed by three years of Theology, the starting point of which is faith seeking understanding. It depends on the seminarian’s own relationship with Christ and provides a deepening of his own faith that will, in turn, equip him to introduce others to the truths of the Catholic faith.

At the end of his studies, the seminarian receives a Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.).


Further Learning: Licentiate

Within the discipline of Theology, possible areas for specific further study include Fundamental Theology (Christian Revelation and its transmission), Dogmatic Theology (Trinity, Christology, Sacramental Theology, Ecclesiology), Moral Theology, Liturgy, Sacred Scripture, Canon Law and Church History. Although in most cases the seminarian will, following discussions with his Bishop, remain with the discipline of Theology, he may choose another discipline such as Philosophy. It is possible to remain at the Gregorian or Angelicum, but it is also possible to study at other Universities and Institutes around Rome.