College Community prays for its dead

The Scots College community made it’s annual visit to the college Tomb in Campo Verano yesterday, remembering those who passed away during their time in Rome.

The current community of the Scots College made the short trip to Campo Verano on Sunday to visit the Tomb of the the college.

The group gathered for a short prayer service at the tomb, which thanks to the kind donation of a benefactor has recently undergone some restoration work.

Rector, Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick led the service, whilst Deacon Jonathon Whitworth read a short Gospel passage. Fr. Fitzpatrick also highlighted the significance of the community visit this year as it also marks the 50th anniversary of the death of two students, Hugh Graham and John McMahon.

The service drew to a close with a decade of the Rosary and some private time for the community to pray for all those who we remember especially during the month of November.

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