On the first Sunday of November the college community made its annual pilgrimage to the tomb in Campo Verano.

CampoVerano_TombThis years visit to the Scots College tomb took place this weekend as the community remembered especially, the dead of the college. The tomb, within the Roman cemetery, is near the Basilica of Saint Laurence outside the walls.

The inclement weather of November in Rome made itself felt  during this years visit as the visit was made during a particularly heavy thunderstorm. With the weather as it was, the decision was made to visit the tomb for some short prayers. Fr. Stuart Parkes, the Vice-Rector, brought the group together under the cover of umbrellas, to pray for all those of the college resting within the tomb as well as those who have passed through the College over the years.

New flowers were placed at the tomb and then the group returned to the chapel of the Scots College where, led by Fr. Parkes and Deacon Paul Denney, the community prayed Vespers especially remembering the dead of the college.