Diaconate Ordinations 2017 : Thoughts of a Deacon

Diaconate ordinations at the Scots College take place this weekend, one of the Deacons to be, Emmanuel Alagbaoso from the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles, took some time to reflect on the diaconate.


Candidates to be ordained deacon on Sunday 30th April, From L to R, Rafał Szweda, (Aberdeen) Emmanuel Alagbaoso, (Argyll & the Isles) Emmet O’Dowd (Aberdeen).

This Sunday in St. Andrews Chapel at the Pontifical Scots College, Bishop Hugh Gilbert will ordain three men to the diaconate. Rafał Szweda and Emmet O’Dowd are both candidates for the Diocese of Aberdeen whilst Emmanuel Alagbaoso, originally from Nigeria, will be ordained as a deacon for the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles. His time at the Scots College is not his first spell in seminary. Previously, he studied for almost 8 years in the seminary of St. Paul in his home country.

The Scots College Website team caught up with Emmanuel as he approaches his ordination and asked him about his time in seminary and how he felt as he enters the final stages, he admits to be nervous, emotional but most of all “…happy and full of thanksgiving for the journey so far.” His time in seminary has provided him with a great sense of what his life is about. The deacon to be says it his life is more about God than about him and his ordination to the diaconate is actually a gift from God. Emmanuel is effusive about the life of a deacon or a priest, that it is one of service and commitment to the ministry they are ordained too.

This massive change to his life, even with all the preparation that goes with it, Emmanuel admits is only the beginning. He says that becoming a deacon requires of him a lot, “…total cooperation to the grace of God which initiates, sustains and completes every act of his devotedness to serve Him by following this way of life.”

Emmanuel has just completed a year as the college MC and so was closely involved in last years ordinations in the college. He says that the experience of 2016 does not prepare him for his own ordination this weekend. The adopted Isleman admits that whilst he is “humbled and happy that the next ordination” will be his he cannot begin to imagine what will go through his mind until he is actually lying on the floor during the Litany of Saints or kneeling before the Bishop. Laughing, Emmanuel invites us to come back and ask him after Mass on Sunday!

Finally, Emmanuel extends his thanks to everyone who has prayed for him and his classmates and asks to be remembered in prayers, especially this weekend. He assures everyone of his prayers and finishes off with a display of his Gaelic, Tapadh Leat (Thank You!)

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