The annual Episcopal Visitation to the Pontifical Scots College takes place in April 2018.

Every year, the archbishops of Scotland visit the seminary in Rome to meet with members of the community. During these meetings, each seminarian, deacon, sister and member of staff is given the opportunity to discuss seminary life, with a focus on the four areas of formation: human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral.

Reinforcing LinksTartaglia

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow is the president of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. He is joined in Rome by Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh. They will spend five days meeting with the community before compiling a report for the Bishops’ Conference.

Speaking about the visitation, the Rector of the College, Fr Daniel Fitzpatrick said, “Having the two archbishops with us reinforces the links between Rome and the Church our seminarians will serve in Scotland. It lets the bishops of the Conference see that our seminarians are serious about their studies and their formation, and it gives the seminarians an opportunity to hear about the concerns and needs of the Church at home.”

Institution of LectorsCushley

Archbishop Cushley will preside at the community Mass on Thursday evening, when three new lectors will be instituted. Joshua Moir (St Andrews and Edinburgh), Kevin Rennie (Galloway) and Edward Toner (Glasgow) are in their third year of formation at the Scots College.

Bishops are required in Canon Law to visit their seminaries regularly. They are “to visit the seminary frequently, to watch offer the formation of their own students as well as the philosophical and theological instruction taught in the seminary, and to keep themselves informed about the vocation, character, piety, and progress of the students, especially with a view to the conferral of sacred ordination.” (Canon 259, §2)