Since the last news post for Mass on Remembrance Sunday, the Scots College has had another busy couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights. 

Margaret: Saint and Queen

Shortly after the Mass in San Silvestro, the feast of St Margaret was upon us. Naturally, the biggest celebrations are reserved for the feast of Scotland’s national patron, St Andrew, at the end of the month, so St Margaret’s Day is celebrated a little more informally here in the College. The relic of St Margaret that is preserved in the College museum is each year exposed in the crypt chapel on the altar dedicated to Scotland’s queen. The community prayed Vespers together before the relic, and afterwards headed up to the recently redecorated student common room for drinks and some food prepared by some of the seminarians. 


Campo Verano

The following Sunday, the community continued to commemorate the dead by visiting the College grave in Campo Verano, an extensive cemetery here in the city. Flowers were laid upon the tomb in which are buried a number of seminarians and staff of the College who were never able to make it home. Finally, the grave was blessed by our Rector. The occasion also afforded students to visit the graves of some of the other Roman seminaries and communities, including those of the Venerable English College, the Pontifical Irish College and the Order of Preachers (Dominicans).



Masses for the Repose of the Souls of the Faithful Departed

Evening Mass on Wednesday 21st November was celebrated for the dead of the College and for our kind benefactors who have died. On Wednesday 28th November, evening Mass will be celebrated for family and friends of the community who have passed away.

May they rest in peace.


Upon this feast of Christ the King, preparations are now underway for the celebration of St Andrew on Friday 30th November. Priests celebrating special anniversaries will be arriving in Rome throughout the course of the week and (along with other guests from the city) will join the community for lunch on Friday. Preparation is also underway for the Advent season which begins next Sunday. Not long to the holidays now!