The Easter Triduum will be marked in a special way on the Scots College website this year.

Over the past couple of years on the website, we have marked the three most solemn days of the liturgical year through different presentations. There has been an exposition of the Stations of the Cross from the College as well as a showcase of some of the pieces of art held stored in the College archive. Those scenes, from prominent artists including Rembrandt, depicted the various points of the Passion of Our Lord. There is a copy of his Ecce Homo scene in the archive.Triduum_Frontpage

For the Triduum this year, we will mark this most significant period of the Church’s year with a display of images from the Eternal City. Churches across the city open their doors after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper for people to pray at the Altars of Repose. Good Friday sees the Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion and Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum with the Holy Father.

On Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil is celebrated in the city after sunset. The Scots College community was honoured last year to serve at the Vigil in St Peter’s Basilica, and photos from that moment in the College’s history will also feature on the website. On Easter Sunday, the Pope celebrates Mass in St Peter’s square in front of the Basilica, before imparting his blessing and giving his annual Urbi et Orbi address.

Photographs of all these special moments will be displayed on the website this Triduum as we remember the Passion of Our Lord. The presentation will begin at 6pm on Holy Thursday and end at 12 noon on Easter Sunday.