New Scots College Lectors installed

After an eventful day in the history of the Scots College, the community gathered for the celebration of Mass on the 14th April, which included the installation of three new Lectors.

During the Mass for the new¬†Lectors¬†in the Scots College community, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia spoke about the importance of reaching the first milestone on the path to ordination. The Archbishop reflected on the reading from the Acts of the Apostles and Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian on the way from Jerusalem to Gaza incorporates so much of the ministry of a priest, from the word to the baptism and continuing with the theme that arose from the readings, the Archbishop, highlighted how the Gospel of John made the change of narrative, to establishing Jesus as the “…bread of life.”

Lector is the first official recognition on the road to Priesthood, and at the Scots College comes before, Acolyte and Candidacy. These three stages occur during the three years of Theology (3rd to 5th year in the college).

The new Lectors, who as the Archbishop also stated, all have links to the Archdiocese of Glasgow, are (from left to right):

Paul Opatah, Diocese of Oslo

Charles Coyle, Diocese of Motherwell

Ryan Black, Diocese of Paisley



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