Of your charity, please pray for Charles, Andrew and Mark, who will be ordained on Sunday 6th May.

Three men to be ordained to the diaconateTartaglia

On Sunday 6th May 2018, three men will be ordained to the diaconate at the Pontifical Scots College in Rome. Charles Coyle (Diocese of Motherwell), Andrew McGowan (Archdiocese of Glasgow) and Mark O’Donnell (Diocese of Motherwell) are delighted that Archbishop Philip Tartaglia will make the trip to Rome to ordain them.

His Grace will not be the only visitor from Scotland. The ordinands have invited family and friends to join them for the special occasion, and a large number of priests from the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the Diocese of Motherwell will also be in attendance. The College community is preparing to host more than 100 guests from Scotland, Ireland and Rome.

‘Heralds of his Gospel’

Commenting on the ordinations, the Rector of the Scots College, Fr Daniel Fitzpatrick, said, “Each year the diaconate ordinations mark a significant moment in the life of the College. We are always grateful to God that some of the men who have been with us over the years reach that stage in their journey to priesthood where they are ordained to the service of their dioceses as deacons. They make that bold step of committing their lives to God as heralds of his Gospel.” He added, “In an age when so many people find the idea of commitment unthinkable, these men show their trust in God and his people by offering the rest of their lives in humble service.”

Interviews and a live streamProfession of Faith

However, there are several people who are unable to make the trip to Rome. In response, the community has set up a live streaming service, which will be operational on Sunday. Family, friends and parishioners will be able to watch the entire Ordination Mass online by logging on to the Scots College’s website.

Ahead of the Mass, throughout this week, interviews with the ordinands and the formation staff at the College will be posted online. These videos will be posted on the Scots College’s Facebook Page. A recording of the ordinands’ public Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity will also be made available.

Please pray for Charles, Andrew and Mark this week as they prepare to be ordained.