Rector’s Welcome

Rector_HeadshotEvery year seems to bring with it new ways of communicating, new platforms, new apps and more that all help bring the world into our homes, while at the same time sending us out into the world. Distance is no longer the barrier it once was to getting news of home and letting those at home know how we are doing.

It was all very different when the Pontifical Scots College was founded here in Rome over four hundred years ago. Then the fastest news could travel to and from Scotland was the weeks it would take someone to walk or ride across Europe carrying a handwritten letter or simply with a story to tell.

Thanks to the growth in technology, letting Scotland, and the wider world, know what is happening here in the Scots College is now so much easier. Over the past few years, our website has allowed us to reach out to so many people giving them an insight into the work of formation for priesthood that is the daily life of the College. We are also able to give people an insight into the City of the Apostles. It has helped us proclaim Christ to others and brought him to us through the many people that have encouraged us by the prayers.

As always, I am grateful to those who are more familiar with all this technology than I am for their hard work and efforts building the website and to all those who contribute to the articles, stories and pictures.

Please take some time to explore the site and while you are with us take a moment to help us with your prayers.

Rev Daniel Fitzpatrick


Feast of St. Margaret of Scotland