Scots College host Synod Fathers

During the recent Synod on Marriage and the Family in the Vatican, the Scots College played host to a group of the Synod Fathers at the invitation of the Archbishop of Glasgow, His Grace, Philip Tartaglia. BOYLE - Fathers, Staff, Deacons (1)

Several Cardinals of the church led the group of clergy from the Synod Hall at the Vatican on Monday 19th October. Their Eminences, Cardinal Dolan of New York, Wuerl from Washington, Di Nardo of Galveston-Houston, Texas and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols arrived at the college for a pre-dinner reception with the students and their colleagues in the 2015 Synod.

Visitors to the college also included clerics representing Northampton in England, South Africa, Chicago and Los Angeles in the States and Goa in India. Other Bishops at the college included the Archbishops of Dublin, Ireland and Edmonton, Canada as well as the Bishop of Youngstown, Ohio. Also at the college for the reception was the Byzantine Bishop of Passaic, Kurt Burnette.

Rector of the Scots College, Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick welcomed the diginatries to the college and reflected on the honor hosting such an event was for the college and the community. He also recounted how, in his days as a student, there was a chance to welcome church dignatries and, as students, those present should treasure the occasion.

BOYLE - Cardinal Wuerl among Students (1)Archbishop Tartaglia spoke after the meal, acknowledging the honour given to him as every table were named after Archbishops of Glasgow. The current Archbishop noted how everyone was linked to him. He thanked the community for playing host to the reception and reflected on the work, and its importance in the future of the church, that the Synod had been engaged in throughout the month of October. He also had words of encouragement for the students of the college saying their progression to the priesthood was needed now more than ever.





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