Scots College thank fundraising Port Glasgow parish

Seminarians at the Scots College would like to thank the fundraising activities of St. Francis of Assisi. 5th year student, and DJ, Ryan Black hails from Port Glasgow and recounts the work of his home parish.

At the beginning of the summer holiday, a parishioner from my home parish approached me about having a fundraiser for the seminarians of the Pontifical Scots College. Liz Breslin had recently organised a fundraiser for another charity and, following its success, she approached my mum about doing something similar for us in Rome. Following discussions with the parish priest and others, she booked out the parish hall and, in my humble opinion, she booked the best DJ in the area…

Tickets were sold; raffle prizes were donated; a buffet was prepared. Other local groups donated various things. The ‘Ladies Night’ women from the Ancient Order of Hibernian donated all of the bingo books and other fundraising material. The ‘Mystery Whisky’ donation also proved popular.

In the end, the night was a fantastic success. Both seminarians from the Diocese of Paisley, as well as the recently ordained priests from that diocese, Frs. Matthew and Jonathan, were in attendance. The hall was full, the music was – I hope – good, and the bar was emptier at the end than it was at the beginning of the night.

Thanks to Liz, Joan and everyone who supported the event in any way, an incredible £1600 was raised for the ‘Student Fund’.


That fund is used for different projects the seminarians undertake in and around Rome, including cultural ‘gita’ days at the beginning of the year. This year, the community travelled to Viterbo, and the shrine of Saint Rose. More importantly, it is an emergency fund for seminarians who, for whatever reason, find themselves strapped for cash during the year.

I have been asked, on behalf of the seminarians and deacons of the College, to thank everyone involved. Your contribution to the fund is certainly one of the most significant in recent years. We are grateful for your Port Glaswegian generosity.

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