St. John Ogilvie celebrated at Scots College

The Scots College marked the feast of St. John Ogilvie recently with guests from the universities and institutes attended by the college seminarians.

Every year on the Saturday closest to the feast of St. John Ogilvie, the Scots College welcomes professors from the various universities and institutes attended by the college seminarians to celebrate the feast of the Scottish martyr and acknowledge the work of the lecturers.

Rector, Fr Dan Fitzpatrick presided at the Mass whilst the Dean of Philosophy at the Gregorian University, Fr Louis Caruana, S.J. preached. Fr. Caruana who likened the grain of wheat “fallen to the ground” in the Gospel to St. John Ogilvie. He spoke of how today we acknowledge him as a glorious martyr whose witness to the Church was heroic. However, to achieve this recognition it was the support of his faith in God that saw him through the difficulties, allowing him to fulfil his mission.


In his homily, Fr. Caruana also identified how to follow in the footsteps of St. John Ogilvie. He said we must identify the wound that affects the Church today. Highlighting Pope Francis own message that religious indifference is the root of many problems along with the reduction of religion to a debate along with a set of arguments that does not help heal the wound.

Fr. Caruana ended his homily by stressing how the Jews at the time of Jesus sought miracles, the Greeks looked to wisdom and now the secular world wants evidence. Extending an invitation to the congregation, Fr. Caruana urged those present to become evidence of God’s existence, the evidence that can only be testified to by being a martyr and witness to God.

Following Mass, the college community and their guests gathered socially with the cook, Arsenio and the Franciscan sisters preparing a festal lunch.


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