Human Formation

For priestly formation the importance of human formation cannot be sufficiently emphasised. Indeed, the holiness of a priest is built upon it and depends, in large part, upon the authenticity and maturity of his humanity.
The Gift of the Priestly Vocation
, 63

The Pontifical Scots College has in recent years further developed the programme of human formation that applicants to the priesthood receive during their time in seminary.

In the first place, seminarians attend a weekend of formation once a semester at which themes in human formation are introduced to the students by experts in the field. This programme of activities and talks is completed within the seven years of formation. Since beginning the current programme with Doctors Michael Killoran Ross and Mary Keenan Ross four years ago, students have considered varied themes such as celibacy, stress-management and leadership skills. These ideas and their impact are then developed by the each student independently.

In addition to this programme, students also have the opportunity to attend Vocational Growth Sessions (VGS) with therapists who study at the Institute of Psychology within the Pontifical Gregorian University. After an in-depth personality profile, seminarians of the Scots College visit the psychologists once or twice a week for at least one year, although some might choose to continue with the VGS after the first year. These one-on-one sessions are intended to enable the student to better understand himself and consider what he is able to do to become a man ever more conformed to Christ.