The Scots College at 400 : Benefactors & Spirituality

As we celebrate 400 years of Priestly Formation at the Scots College this week, we consider, especially, the role of benefactors in our history. Fr. Mark Cassidy, Spiritual Director of the Scots College, considers the spiritual aspect of being a benefactor.

When we speak of ‘benefactors’, we remember and give thanks for all those who through their prayers support the work of formation that takes place here in the College. We know that there are many people who pray for ‘vocations’ in a general way as part of their intercessory prayer but, again and again, we hear of men and women who, in a very particular way, pray for the community here.
Our Lady

Of course, we have always known and appreciated the fact that families and friends pray ‘for their own’, but through encounters with the members of the community whether when visiting Rome, or through pastoral work and pastoral placements in the parishes in Scotland, many people have come to consider the College and the people who live here as ‘their own’ and remember us in their prayers before God.

We thank all those who in their own personal prayer remember us, those who, in rosary groups, include us in their intentions, for organisations who have a place for us in their prayers: we think  in a particular way of Serra, the Union of Catholic Mothers, the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Legion of Mary. We know your prayers support all the good that is done here, and the knowledge that so many people remember us in prayer encourages us to rededicate our lives to giving ourselves ever more fully in the service of the Lord for the Church in Scotland.


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