The Scots College at 400 : Generosity of Benefactors

As we celebrate 400 years of Priestly Formation at the Scots College this week, we consider, especially, the role of benefactors in our history. The College has many precious artefacts, including the vessels used for Holy Mass. Through the generosity of benefactors these have recently received a new lease of life.

The physical evidence of the charity of benefactors throughout the 400-year history of the Scots College Seminary here in Rome is something that surrounds those of us who are lucky enough to live, pray and study here.

One of many tangible signs of this generosity is seen every day in the chapel during Mass: the Chalices we use have been gifted by people over the years and each one reflects the design style of the age in which it was given.  However, this daily use does take its toll on the precious metal of the chalice.

All ChalicesRecently, thanks mainly to a donation received from a former student, nine chalices have been restored and are now being used again regularly in our daily celebration of Holy Mass. It is a great joy for us to be able to use these chalices, for in using each of them we are able to give thanks to God for those who donated to them.

We are thankful for the generosity of visiting priests, pilgrim groups and regular donors which enables us to continue to care for the patrimony of the College and, at times, to add to it.


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