Vatican’s Secretary of Culture visits Scots College

Bishop Paul Tighe, the secretary of the Pontifical Council of Culture visited the Scots College recently to speak to the community about the work of the Council and digital media.

The latest in a series of talks organised by the St. Andrew’s Literary and Debating Society of the Scots College saw Bishop Paul Tighe speak about the council, its role and in more specific terms about the role of digital media.

The bishop gave an introduction to the work of council and the various areas of responsibility it has. These different fields include the arts, science and technology, sport, music and the Courtyard of the Gentiles, a department that responds to the call for conversation from Pope Benedict XVI. BishopTighe_Group

However, the main topic of discussion was around the role of digital media in the church today, and Bishop Tighe spoke at length about the need for a new language for the dialogue through social media in particular. He highlighted, that the church is not reactionary in the world of the internet and media and in fact, when it comes to the structures needed today, the Church has led the way for years. He spoke about networks nowadays being a modern version of the diocese, parish structure that has operated in the Church for centuries alongside the work of groups of faith, such as the SVDP, Loretto Sisters and other orders who have an international as well as a local reach.

Bishop Paul, citing the work of the Second Vatican Council, he noted that even in the 60’s the fathers called for a social conversation through new forums, noting how that call had been taken up through the explosion of social media.


The secretary of the Council for Culture also joined the community for Vespers and supper, whilst after his talk answered questions from members of the college.

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