Recently, the College community was joined once more by Dr Michael Ross and Dr Mary Keenan-Ross to resume the formal programme of human formation. The focus of this most recent session was to spend some time considering values and habits, and how these might be developed in such a way as to make us more effective Christians and priests. 

The Rosses visit the College once a semester to introduce themes in human formation that each seminarian can develop throughout the academic year. Although the visit entails the loss of the weekly day-off, the seminarians look forward to these sessions: a fact much to the credit of the Rosses, who always make the material engaging and enjoyable.



Using material from James Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the seminarians covered three important aspects and how they apply to pastoral ministry: pro-activity,  prioritisation and time-management. The next weekend of human formation, in the second semester, will complement this work with the next four elements of Covey’s study.

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