“You are fruits of the Church”

Those are the words the Secretary of the Congregation for Clergy to the seminarians of the Scots College during his visit to the College on Wednesday.


Archbishop Patrón Wong pictured with the Philosophy students from the Scots College.

The Scots College hosted Archbishop Jorge Patrón Wong, the Secretary of the Congregation for Clergy recently. His Excellency was returning to the College as part of his ongoing circuit to meet seminarians at the various colleges spread around the Eternal City.

He joined the community for Mass on Wednesday 23rd November, before sharing dinner with the students and staff. Following that everybody gathered together for a more informal chat.

The Archbishop reflected on the Gospel passage during his sermon, noting especially that persecution was something that Catholics faced in many different forms, but looking and focussing on Jesus was a source of inspiration and support during difficult times.



Archbishop Patrón Wong pictured with the students of Theology from the Scots College


Archbishop Patrón Wong pictured with the College staff. Vice Rector, Fr. Gerald Sharkey is missing from the picture.

He also thanked the seminarians for their witness, reminding them that they – and all Catholics – had been called by God since before their birth.

Following supper, the seminarians explained to the Archbishop where – roughly – their respective diocese were located in Scotland – and Norway. Each seminarian also discussed where and what they were studying. His Excellency then spoke about the work of the Congregation, including the new ratio which will see some changes to the running of Seminaries around the world. Archbishop Wong also offered the seminarians a chance to ask questions, telling them that it was important to be happy throughout ministry as as Priest.








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