Rector's Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Pontifical Scots College. The website presents the purpose of our college as a seminary preparing men for the priesthood and for service in the Church’s mission in Scotland. It also gives an insight into the preparation of these men through human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation – the four strands of formation which combine to help men grow into the servant priests they are called to be in the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd, the one came ‘not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many’ (Mk 10:45). Through the picture gallery you will be able to follow us through the ordinary and extraordinary events which make up the life of the College. Finally, you will find links to different websites which offer their own presentations of life in the diocese of Scotland as well as the office of Priests for Scotland, the national vocations office.

As a visitor, we ask you to think about us and pray for us, formators and seminarians as we carry out the work that the Church asks of us – to celebrate our vocation in Christ and to discern and help others discern their own vocation leading them to the place in which Christ is calling them to serve him best in his Church. May Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of Priests pray for us.


Third Time’s the Charm

This is my third time in Rome for an extended period: once was in the 1980s when I studied at the College; the second was from 2011-2018 when I was Spiritual Director and the third time started just last August when I was appointed as Rector. Coming back to the city...

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

“Truth does not change; it is only forgotten from one generation to the next. The truth is the truth even if no one believes it, and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.”- Bishop Fulton F. Sheen  When Saint Pope John Paul II visited St Patrick’s Cathedral in...

Organist on Tour

The Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva is the only Gothic church in Rome and situated just round the corner from the Pantheon in the ancient district of Campus Martius. Its colourful rose windows shine on infamous Medici Popes entombed in imposing marble reliefs,...

An exploration of Santa Maria Maggiore

One question that Seminarians get when we are back home is, “Do you have a favourite Church?”
Indeed, living in Rome we are spoiled for choice for church’s and often you can’t just name one. But over my nearly five years spent in studying here in Rome I do have a clear favourite. Its not just because there is English confession throughout the day every day, or that it is easy to get to from the College. But, for me there are 2 main features that make Santa Maria Maggiore my favourite Church in Rome.

Lent Station Masses

It is a Wednesday, it is 4.45am and my alarm is sounding. An even earlier start than normal. In what is a rare occurrence, the snooze button is not deployed. By the time I have showered, dressed and sorted my backpack for the day- and consumed what could be described as a very quick coffee- I am out the door of the Scots College and heading to the bus stop. It is freezing cold and still completely pitch black. A few of the other seminarians are already there when I arrive. One or two more appear moments behind me. None of us are going to Morning Prayer in the College today, which won’t begin for another hour at least.

The Living Spirituality of Medjugorje

Although I have been extremely fortunate to travel around Italy and Europe during my time in seminary, Medjugorje is by far my favourite place in the world. Before June 1981, when Our Lady appeared to six young children at Medjugorje, a little town in Bosnia-Herzegovina, most of the world had never heard of it. Many people have the belief that Our Lady continues to appear to some of the visionaries daily and has done for 42 years. Even after three trips to Medjugorje, I’m still captured by the serenity and peace that is in this special, sacred place.

Scouted for Sainthood

The splendid and spectacular beauty of Rome is always inviting. She has ancient and fascinating architectural excellences, hundreds of adorable churches with finest marble sculptures both Gothic and Baroque and firmly grounded triumphal columns standing head on high for centuries. Surrounded by all this splendour, I find myself pondering the genius of God’s creature, created in His own image and likeness who never fails to impress.

Pastoral Life in Rome

Seminary life consistently provides a variety of distinct opportunities. Especially when the seminary itself is in Rome, there are infinite opportunities I never thought I would get to experience in my life.

A Parish Priest – but without the Parish

In the seminary some of that takes place, but it is still very different. The seminary certainly is a place for living in the midst of the people entrusted to us – even more so than in the parish because we live in the same building. It is certainly a place for preaching the Word of God, but the only sacrament I would celebrate as vice rector would be the Eucharist.

Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

The Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls is one of the four major papal basilicas in Rome. It is dedicated to Apostle Paul who was martyred in Rome between 64 and 68 AD and was built over his tomb. Even though it is located outside of Rome’s city centre, it is an important place of interest for thousands of pilgrims and visitors.